Thursday, January 13, 2022

When it Rains...

I snapped this from the vaporetto on a rainy day in Venice.

My guess is that those folks in the gondola had
   "take a gondola ride"
at the top of their list in bold Sharpie marker. 
Yes, they were determined.
And the gondolier was prepared that day
with rain gear to row in.

My gondolier friend Alessandro Santini says the guy on the back of the boat is Luciano Costantini, and that beautiful gondola came out of Franco Crea's shop.

Of course the boat is gorgeous,
Check out the artfully carved perimeter trim.
And I love the gold carvings on the bow and stern:


but what caught my attention was the remarkable array of umbrellas!

  I mean LOOK at that!
They look like Romans ready to repel a volley of arrows!

But not Grandma.
No no.
She's like the Honey Badger - she don't care!

If anything, Grandma looks like she's quietly plotting some kind of revenge, but one that must be served cold.

Meanwhile, working on the back of the boat, is Luciano.

Makin' it look easy, while rowing in Alaskan rain gear.
Cheers to you, Luciano!

(don't get too close to Grandma - she looks pissed!)


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