Friday, January 7, 2022

Fox in the Fog


If you think the only places you'll find gondolas are Venice and the United States, well then you haven't been looking around enough. 

For instance, there are several gondola operations in Germany.  One of them - called Gondelfox - operates in a beautiful area just outside of Berlin.

A while ago Alexander Fuchs (owner of Gondelfox) flew in to visit my friend Drew Sainte Marie at Black Swan Gondola

I had to meet this guy.

After both Black Swan and my company - Gondola Adventures had crazy Decembers, we finally got some time to get together.

  from left to right:
Kyle Wolting, Greg Mohr,
Alexander Fuchs, and Drew Sainte Marie

After a quick cup of coffee
(and realizing that I'm the shortest adult male in the world)
we jumped on the dei Rossi gondola we call Celeste and headed out for a row.

I pulled the gondola out of her slip
and handed the oar to Alex.

He was immediately at home rowing "a-poppa".
It's always fun to watch someone who knows what they're doing on a gondola, as they row a new boat in a new place with an expert touch.

We all talked about the different people we know in the gondola world, and Drew and I hammed it up a bit towards the front of the boat.


 As we neared the Turning Basin at the center of the harbor, I pointed out homes where John Wayne and Nicolas Cage had lived, and we noticed a dense fog rolling into the harbor.


Alex smiles with some famous homes in the background.

Fog got thicker as we headed back to dock.

As usual, I made another great friend in the gondola world,
and now I can't wait to visit the Berlin area and row with the Gondelfox.

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Gig Harbor Gondola said...

It's so cool he came to visit!