Sunday, January 2, 2022

Day Two of 2022 in Newport

The second day of 2022 was gorgeous here in Newport.
By all 2020 and 2021 standards, it did not suck.

Of course a sunny and clear Sunday in January with temps allowing short sleeves and requiring sunglasses are hard to beat in my peculiar business.

The gondolas came and went all day, with passengers arriving with anticipation, and leaving with big smiles (some with new engagement rings).

I would love to throw dozens of photos up from the day,
but I think these few should suffice. 
After all, I've got to pace myself here.

Kyle rows a pristine Wedding Gondola

in equally pristine conditions.

Jonah heads out on the back of Celeste,
with post-sunset colors ever changing.

Orange skies and purple waters
has got to be my favorite combination.

Later in the evening I stepped on the back of Stella and had a wonderful cruise through the harbor, taking a moment to snap this shot...of my passengers snapping a shot of their own.

Yep, today was nice.
I'm hoping it will be the second of
many more in the coming year.