Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Gondola Blog is BACK!

SO, where to begin?

Let's begin at the beginning.
In August of 2007 I pulled the trigger on the very first Gondola Blog post.

The whole thing was started in an effort to chronicle the adventures of a gondola expedition down the Hudson River in the fall of 2007.
I figured it deserved a place online to tell the stories that presented themselves. Sure enough, with the help of Nereo Zane and his camera, Martina Zane and her translating skills, and all of the great people on the river who helped us on our way from Albany to Ground Zero in Manhattan - there were definitely lots of stories to tell, with photos as well.

On the first day of our 150 mile expedition down the Hudson,
Nereo took this photo. From left to right: Bepi Suste, Enzo Lizska,
John Kerschbaum, Vittorio Orio.

After we finished, I just kept blogging,
figuring I'd keep writing until I ran out of stories to tell.

I didn't.

For twelve years the Gondola Blog was up and running, with stories and photos that were (mostly) gondola-related, from all over the world.

Eventually I did begin to run low on stories, photos, and ideas to support a post-every-day blog, so, after some inner turmoil (and over 3,000 posts), I realized it was time to push the big "pause button".

But you know what:
I missed it.
SO much.

So after about two years of doing nothing but posting coffee memes,
(whether you like it or not)
the Gondola Blog is BACK!

I'm not sure I can pull of the whole once-a-day thing,
but there ARE more stories to tell.

And if YOU'VE got stories, then PLEASE send them my way.
Or if you're in the area, drop by and we'll have coffee.


Gondolier Paul Imler rows off on the first day of 2022 with happy passengers - chasing after the setting sun and all the colors that follow.

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Gig Harbor Gondola said...

Welcome back! I look forward to your future posts.