Thursday, November 1, 2018

Electric Sky

photo by Jonah Bonner

Tonight the two 4-man teams in Newport Beach practiced for the race in Providence, which will happen in about a a week.
The GCON 4 took to the water first, 
and enjoyed beautiful colors as the sun set.
As my team (the GAI team) arrived on the dock and waited for the boat to return, we were treated to quite a show - as the sky lit up like I've rarely ever seen it.
The photos in this post really don't represent the reality 
of it's brightness and color.
The only word I can think of that comes close to describing just how vivid 
and powerful it electric.

 taking it all in.
photo by Jonah Bonner

 The tail of a gondola with electric sky in the background.
photo by Jonah Bonner

 Pre-row snacks.  This time: Fuji apple...
photo by Jonah Bonner

...because food is fuel!
photo by Jonah Bonner

 The guys from GCON arrive.
photo by Greg Mohr

  Stainless steel and sunset sky.
photo by Greg Mohr

The GAI 4-man team rows off into the sunset.
photo by Eddie Rivera

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