Thursday, November 15, 2018

Back from Nationals

The 7th installment of the US Gondola Nationals is in the books,
and oh, what a great time it was for all involved.

Gondoliers and friends traveled from near and far to Providence, Rhode Island (where gondola racing in America all started), and we had a blast!

We sang, we socialized, we raced, we rowed Waterfire cruises, we raced again, and then we celebrated.  As with every year, new friendships were made, and existing ones picked up where they'd left off.

And whether you win medals or not, nobody leaves Nationals without having gained in so many other ways.
In fact, I believe this competition has made us all better rowers,
and overall better gondoliers.

In the days ahead, we will go through the various photos and video recordings that were captured during the competition.
But for now, I'd just like to thank Marcello and the folks at La Gondola in Providence for hosting a terrific edition of the US Gondola Nationals.


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