Sunday, September 2, 2018

Regata Storica Parade Views

photo by Alessandro Santini

Once again all those beautiful boats assembled on the Grand Canal for the Regata Storica.

While most folks think of it as a day of racing, 
it began with a history-making procession, 
and to this day that procession is recreated.

My dear friend Nereo Zane was there with the GSVVM rowing club.
Meanwhile, gondolier Alessandro Santini was rowing his gondola near the iconic Santa Maria della Salute basilica.

They both graciously sent me photos as parade and club boats glided by.

A parade boat with costumed rowers enters the Grand Canal.
photo by Alessandro Santini

The GSVVM's 14-oar "Mestrina"
 Mestrina again.

All of the big "desonas" show up on the first Sunday of September.
Here's a great shot of some of them passing Alessandro's boat.
photo by Alessandro Santini

 The Santa Maria della Salute basilica, with crowds of spectators.
photo by Alessandro Santini

 Piazza San Marco and the famous campanile.
photo by Nereo Zane

My GSVVM brothers and sisters giving the "alza remi" salute.

A gondolier's-eye-view from the back of the boat.
photo by Alessandro Santini

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