Monday, September 17, 2018

Photo-Bomb Win!

photo by Kalev Pallares

I tell passengers all the time that: 
"I could never go into the Witness Protection Program - I'm just in 
way too many people's photos".

We, as gondoliers are part of such terrific memories.
We're also part of so many enduring pictures.

At this point I pretty much have a knee-jerk reaction:
pull out a camera or a smartphone,
and I'm already smiling for the photo.

I thought I was at the top of the photo-bomb game...
until I saw Hunter in action.

I hereby concede the photo-bomb trophy to the harp-playing, 
crooner-song-singing, surfer named Hunter Mitchell.

Crouched, one-hand rowing, 
standing on one foot with the other leg extended, 
and the "Thinker" pose in full effect.
Hunter wins.

Seriously, click on the photo for an enlarged version.
The dude's got game!

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