Sunday, January 29, 2017

Summer Weather Tonight

Summer made an unexpected limited-time appearance this evening
here in Newport.  The Santa Ana winds, that blow warm, dry air
from the inland deserts brought us some relief from the pattern of storms swinging in from the Pacific, and my gondoliers and I enjoyed conditions
that we all agreed were more than we deserved.
Here are some shots from the back of the boat tonight in Newport:
Rowing towards that bright fiery ball
(and snapping a few pictures along the way)
Stalking Simon as he drops a message-in-a-bottle in the water...
...she picks it up, reads the message...
...and says "YES!"
Kyle cruises by with happy passengers.
true, pure, perfect serenity.
Simon catches up with me and stalks my boat...

...and snaps a photo of us as my passengers and I
as we cruise under the Newport Blvd. bridge.

It was a wonderful evening.
I'm really not sure if we all deserved it,
but I will say that I have spent quite a lot of time
pumping rainwater out of my gondolas,
So I'll take it.

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