Friday, December 2, 2016

Posing - PVD Style

photos by Richard Sonnen
The gondoliers from Providence are fantastic rowers.
But they're also a lot of fun.
If I lived there, I'd totally apply for a job there.
(not sure if I'd get the job, but I'd definitely apply)
Here's a fun collection of the guys from Providence (a.k.a. PVD) 
posing for a group shot at the US Gondola Nationals. 
I've taken the liberty of adding my own quote captions for the sequence.
First you've got to get everyone together.
Marcello: "Wait, where the heck is Ivano?"
Alessandro: "Don't ask me, I'm getting in the zone here."

Ivano: "Here I am."
Marcello: "Excellent. Everybody smile."

Mariano: "Um, what do we do with our hands?"
Marcello: "try this."
Ivano: "I'm not doin' that"
Parker on the boat in the background: "Go Eddie!"

Alessandro: "Man, I should've shaved for this."

Ivano: "Check this out...classic gunfighter pose."
Marcello: "I'm gonna keep doing this hands out thing."
Eddie on the boat in the background: "Are those guys taking pictures?"

Mariano: "I'm just gonna smile, guys."
Alessandro: "I'm gonna punch an eagle!"
Ivano: "Gunfighter, man. Tellin' you - it works."

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