Monday, November 16, 2015

USGN 2015 - Race Results

The 2015 US Gondola Nationals is now finished, over,
one for the history books (if they ever write a history book of such things).

There is so much to say, so many stories to tell, and the images, well,
they've been coming in from several directions, and they are great.

This was the first Nationals where I didn't pick up a camera once
(which means you can expect much better photos than usual).

We're still cleaning up and getting things sorted out.
This evening, I met up with Tim Reinard of Sunset Gondola
and Marcello Haynes from La Gondola in Providence to assist in getting
Tim's boat out of the giant raft of boats in front of the yacht club. 

The raft of boats on the morning after.

Later on, my four-man racing team and I rowed the rest of the competition boats back to their home docks.

With so much on the line lately, I've been pretty serious and stressed.
Tonight we just had fun - rowing and joking around.
It was the perfect ending to such a great but stressful week.

I'm still going through all the images, but in the mean time,
let's look at the US Gondola Nationals through the eyes of the press.

In addition, here is a look at the official standings of top 3 finishers in each race.

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staff said...

Great Great Great. My compliments to Greg's team for the organization of a such huge event (and the medals he got)! Nereo