Thursday, November 12, 2015

Minnesota meets Texas in Calilfornia

This morning began as I stepped out my front door, with a cup of coffee, and admired the beautiful wedding gondola, the "Lucia" parked in front
of my house.
We'd trailered her in from the yard the day before and she was dangerously close to being launch-ready.
 Nearly launch-ready Lucia.

Brandon, the chief rowing gondolier from my Texas operation
has been here since Monday.
We've worked hard alongside several other gondoliers,
to get the boat ready to splash.

Today was the day.
After mounting the ferro and fitting some new floorboards,
we were ready to go, and then John Kerschbaum from Minnesota showed up.

The three of us drove the boat to the ramp and set her afloat.
I gave them each remi and sent them out with the task of rowing her back to her home dock, but only after making a few turns in the sunshine for some photos.

Minnesota and Texas rowing a Venice-built gondola in California.
Amazing that these two guys just met, and were able to row seamlessly in the two-oar style.
And that boat...
That boat, with a fresh paint job, and all new trim...
she looks like a new gondola.
Later we met up with Simon as John and Brandon arrived and Simon and I
were gearing up to bust out on the pupparin.
 Me, Simon, Brandon, and John
(trying to keep our balance on the pupparin).

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