Monday, April 6, 2015

The Report from Boston

We are enduring yet another year of drought here in California.
Meanwhile, our friends on the East Coast have had a banner year
in terms of snow.

My dear friend Joe Gibbons in Boston sent me this message:
Its been a long snowy winter here in New England.
To put it in perspective, the photo attached is the door
to my garage.  
The window screen distracts the view there, but if you look past it,
you'll recognize footprints to a door...with snow banks on either side,
that are as high as the door.
Joe further writes:
we got our seasonal maintenance under way yesterday the girls (gondolas) whethered the season ok. Steve spent many hours this past winter removing the snow from the tents. 
The ice on the river is beginning to melt a month late but for sure a good sign.  About 5 weeks of maintenance...before we row our first tour for a 16th season.  
Joe and Steve

And here's the ice-on-river shot:
Many thanks to our friends in Boston.
I hope you have an easy and successful maintenance phase this year,
and that it's followed by a great season on the water.

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