Saturday, April 25, 2015

Four Feet of Cypress in Boston

I received this correspondence from Boston yesterday:
Hi Greg. I thought the guys might find these photos interesting. 
A friend of ours from Essex Massachusetts - the wooden boat building capital, has jumped into help with a few repairs of the season. After several patches over the last 15 seasons at starboard stern below the forcola.  We decided to remove a full four foot section of planking. Our friend Tom Perkins from Wise Marine of Essex Massachusetts used Cypress wood.  For this repair, he was actually able to get some curvature by saturating the planks with wet towels. The outcome looks quite nice.  We have chosen to start using cotton now, instead of the Oakum that we have been using for years.  With a little bit of luck and a sore back from painting, Maria should be in the water in about 10 days. Ciao to all our gondolier friends.  Joe and Steve
Here we see the area of concern, with planking removed.
 And here we see her, freshly re-planked.

My best wishes to Joe and Steve in Boston.
Have a great launching, and an even greater season!

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