Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Ride of the Gondoliers"

A few months ago one of my gondoliers, Simon, shared with me a video
that he'd shot during one of our flotillas in Newport.
I told him how much I loved it, 
How much I'd like to post it here on the Gondola Blog...
and then I promptly forgot about it.
Not because it was forgettable, but because I am easily distractible.
Think of the dog in the movie "Up", and his tendency to stop what he's
doing and yell "Squirrel!",
and you have a good sense of my span of attention sometimes.
Recently I was reminded of this entertaining clip, and now,
many months later, here it is.

It's a fun little clip, taken with a GoPro from the bow of a pupparin,
and the video has been quickened a bit, making for a high speed view.
Throw in a nice musical selection from the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, and there it is!  It's even better in full-screen.
I wish it were longer - I think I could watch this stuff all day.
I was particularly impressed by the stability of the pupparin -  there's
no back-and-forth or rocking. Simon is a very smooth rower.

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