Monday, October 27, 2014

The Standings!

photo by John Kerschbaum

The official scores are in!
I spoke earlier today with Marcello - who, after a year of planning, preparing, and executing this year's U.S. Gondola Nationals,
has more than earned a nap.
Marcello told me that his one priority today outside of sleep and spending time with his baby daughter, was to get the official scores out.

Here they are!
As they were announced in the awards ceremony,
I'm including the top five finishers in each category.
In future posts, I may include complete lists for each event.

Single Sprint
Place  Name                                 Origin                           Time
1.       Eric “Enrico” Bender            San Diego, CA               1:36.51

2.       Richard “Ricardo” Corbaley  Huntington Beach, CA    1:40.68
3.      Tim “Bepi” Reinard               Huntington Beach, CA    1:44.06

4.     Cole “Colombo” Hanson         San Diego, CA               1:45.81
5.     Adam “Ivano” Alves              Providence, RI               1:45.93

Single Distance
Place Name                               Origin                       Time
1.     Eric “Enrico” Bender           San Diego, CA            19:24.91

2.     Richard “Ricardo” Corbaley Huntington Beach, CA 19:42.15

3.     Alexander “Alessandro” Haynes  Providence, RI     21:16.96

4.     Matthew “Marcello” Haynes Providence, RI            21:47.46

5.     Tim “Amadeo” Coffey         Providence, RI            21:56.8

Tandem Sprint
Place  Name                                      Origin                             Time
1.             Eric “Enrico” Bender                 San Diego, CA                  1:37.6
        Cole “Colombo” Hanson            San Diego, CA

2.     Alexander “Alessandro” Haynes  Providence, RI                 1:40.7
        Matthew “Marcello” Haynes        Providence, RI

3.     Richard “Ricardo” Corbaley         Huntington Beach, CA       1:41.2
        Tim “Bepi” Reinard                    Huntington Beach, CA   

4.     John “Giovanni” Kerschbaum       Stillwater, MN                   1:44.7
        “Gondola Greg” Mohr                  Newport Beach, CA

5.     Greg “Rafaello” Coffey                 Providence, RI                  1:48.1
        Tim “Amadeo” Coffey                  Providence, RI

Tandem Distance
Place  Name                                      Origin                             Time
1.      Alexander “Alessandro” Haynes Providence, RI                16:32.27
         Matthew “Marcello” Haynes       Providence, RI

2.      Eric “Enrico” Bender                 San Diego, CA                17:13.70
         Cole “Colombo” Hanson            San Diego, CA                   

3.      Richard “Ricardo” Corbaley       Huntington Beach, CA     17:17.43
         Tim “Bepi” Reinard                   Huntington Beach, CA   

4.      John “Giovanni” Kerschbaum     Stillwater, MN                17:41.40
         “Gondola Greg” Mohr                Newport Beach, CA       

5.      Adam “Ivano” Alves                  Providence, RI               19:01.75
         Tim “Amadeo” Coffey                Providence, RI                  

Single Slalom
Place  Name                                      Origin                             Time
1.      Eric “Enrico” Bender                  San Diego, CA                 3:55.41
2.      Matthew “Marcello” Haynes        Providence, RI                 3:58.18
3.      Tim “Amadeo” Coffey                Providence, RI                 4:17.16
4.      Greg “Rafaello” Coffey               Providence, RI                 4:22.15
5.       Adam “Ivano” Alves                 Providence, RI                 4:23.38

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