Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Keeping Up with the Whipper-Snappers

 photo by Simon Atkins

With the US Gondola Nationals a little more than two weeks away, 
I figured I'd better get my butt out on the water and row a bit in order to 
keep up with some of these young whipper-snappers we were chasing 
around last year.  

I grabbed Simon (one of my whipper-snappers) 
and we headed out into the harbor under a bright full moon.

The winds were calm, the temperature - serene.
As we headed along the west side of Lido Island, 
we could hear the ocean waves breaking on the other side of the peninsula.

If I had a name like Spielberg or Lucas, I might have been able to capture just how perfect it was out there tonight, but alas, I am not a Hollywood director, and you'll just have to take my word for it.
It was absolutely perfect out on the water tonight.

I don't know if my training run tonight will help me keep up with 
the whipper-snappers in Providence, 
but it was definitely worth it to get out on the water.

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