Monday, October 13, 2014

Glowing Sky, Glowing Worms

Tonight I was out on the water, enjoying the kind of conditions we often wish for when the weather is bad.  The wind was minimal, and after the sun had finished it's fitful setting, we enjoyed the serene and ever-changing glow that follows.

After darkness had taken over, I caught a flash of bright green in the corner of my eye. 
Not long after, the glowing worms began to full force.
As is often the case, They were bright to the human eye, but not so luminescent that my camera-phone could capture much.

Ahh, but if you watch closely, you'll see the proof
of our close encounter with glowing worms.
These shiny little swimmers are a rare sighting - we only see them a few times each year.
I've posted on them previously in "Glow Worms".
The first sighting I had of them was documented in "On the Water",
back in October of 2009.

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