Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nolite Oblivisci - Never Forget

Over the years I've done my best to bring you fresh content 
and new photos (and sometimes newly-found ones).
I don't like to repeat myself or use the same images unless it's warranted.

Today it is.

Today we commemorate a moment in time that unexpectedly
changed the world.

It's a "where were you when...?" point in our history.

Many may try to forget, or wish they could forget,
but we must never forget the events of September 11th, 2001.

By events, I'm not just talking about the terrorism and tragedies.
We must also remember the heroics, the sacrifices, the selfless acts
carried out by fire and police personnel as well as everyday people.

We must remember how we felt and to never
allow this to happen again - to us or others.

I believe that people are truly at their best...
                                           when circumstances are the worst.

I will never forget the sight of Congress, all of them, with all of their political differences, standing on the steps of the Capitol building (probably for the very first time) in full agreement.
I remember hearing the phrase "We are all New Yorkers now".

Sure, I remember the tragedy.
I will never forget the horror.
But I also remember the unity, the resolve,
and the brotherhood that followed.

As people, as groups, as nations - we need to love each other more.
As Americans - we need to protect our home.
As free-thinking human beings - we must also do our all to keep this kind of tragedy from happening to others, no matter where they live.

We must remember it all: the bad and the good.
"Nolite Oblivisci"
We must never forget.

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