Friday, September 19, 2014

New Seat Design Gets a New Cover

photo by Tim Jones

While in Venice recently, Tim Jones snapped some great photos of gondolas.
One of those gondolas had a seat we've seen before.
I first posted about this in
The controversial "new seat design"

It's a similar seat to the ones in that post, but a different boat.
There are several differences in parecio.
Sure, those are pieces that can be replaced by others,
but the deck trim and trasto picolo are different, 
plus, the one in the earlier post has no caenelo.

We're looking at yet another boat with this "park bench" type of seat in it.

When it comes to Venetian boats, I'm a bit of a traditionalist.
I prefer the original stuffed cushions with black yarn-fringe.

But I'm beginning to understand the appeal of this new "bench" to a guy who's tired of fussing over upholstery and looking for a more streamlined solution.
Still, I didn't care much for the aesthetics of it...until I saw it with a tapestry cloth draped over it.

This is a good look.

As a side note, the stripes on the remo are unique, 
the carvings on the trasto picolo are unlike most I've seen, 
and that's an impressive scimier mounted on the back of the seat.

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