Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

You may recognize the mirror in the photo.
They can be found in tight parking garages and convenience stores.
They allow store owners to spot shoplifters,
and drivers to see around corners - to avoid collisions with other cars.

With five hundred or more gondolas navigating the tight canals of Venice, it's no surprise that at some point someone thought about mounting some of these convex mirrors in strategic they could avoid some collisions of their own.

A friend of a friend sent this nice shot - a self portrait of sorts.
The guy who snapped the photo is known as Sandro and I'm told he works out of Bacino Orseolo (the fold-down-tail of the boat fits that location).

Whoever you are, Sandro, we salute you.
Thanks for the great photo, showing us a clever view from your perspective.

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