Monday, March 31, 2014

The Wind is a Thief

Yesterday I faced some refreshingly challenging winds here in Newport.
Tonight was a repeat performance, but a little easier.
I'm not sure if it was easier because the wind had mellowed a bit,
or because I had the muscle-memory to draw from.
No, tonight I had few problems keeping the gondola pointed in the right direction. Tonight the wind had other intentions: stealing body heat.

Since living in Alaska, I've said that "The wind is a thief" - stealing away your warmth.  See my post "Defining the Wind" for more details.

While it may have been a bit cooler than I'd expected,
that same wind did a marvelous job of clearing things up - creating spectacular views from the back of the gondola tonight.  

Looking down the main canal on the left, we see Mike O. from the Gondola Company of Newport, enjoying a tremendous tailwind - one which,
after taking this photo, I enjoyed as well.

I spun around a few times for my passengers
to appreciate the vista of the setting sun.

Later on the colors got richer as the sky grew darker.

All in all, it was beautiful on the water this evening.
The wind did a good job of stealing away my body heat,
but I just kept rowing, determined not to let it win.

An hour later I was enjoying a glass of chianti in a hot jacuzzi - problem solved!

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