Saturday, March 1, 2014 Minnesota...

photos by John Kerschbaum

Like so many years before, my buddy John Kerschbaum hauled out his gondolas in Minnesota and went on a winter road trip.  

He usually goes to remote places in the South-West, getting back to nature and enjoying the warmth.  For many years he's included Newport Beach in his travels and has rowed with us for Valentine's Day. 

This year, after enjoying the sunshine in southern California, 
John went skiing with a friend who works in Utah, then headed home to his little corner of paradise in the north, and returned to this:

Yes, that's his truck - the one he had parked in front of my house two weeks ago, the one next to it has been there for a while (as is evidenced by the snow).

And those are the famous Minnesota gondolas, 
wrapped up and hibernating until spring.

Minnesotans impress me.  
They work around very noticeable season changes, 
and very rarely complain.  

John wrote:
This is what I came home to...a high of -4. A low of -15. 
Gotta love it! 

Welcome home John.  I'm sure you're looking forward to unwrapping those beautiful boats and getting them ready to launch.  
As always, it was great rowing with you.

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