Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fresh Paint in Providence

A still-life by Matthew Haynes, known to the gondola world as...Marcello.
This image was recently taken in the workshop of La Gondola in Providence, RI.  Looks like preparations are under way to welcome the season.
Here's proof that Allesandro and Marcello have been busy with the black paint.
The first reservation is on the books for the first week of April and the gondoliers are probably laying out their stripes and gearing up to row right now.

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LaGondolaProv said...

Thanks for a little love for the city of Providence, Gondola Greg!

I will keep you posted on further developments; the great news here is that the snow is pretty much entirely melted, which is always good for getting the boats out of the shop and onto the trailers. Hope all is well out in CA and elsewhere!

Ciao, Marcello