Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Above the Surface

photos by Simon Atkins
I'm not an expert on photography, but I love gondolas and have spent a lot of time looking at and taking pictures of them. The gondola has many complex curves, but the most characteristic of them can be seen in the rail. 
Following those double brass trim lines is best appreciated from a lower vantage point, and if you're willing to risk dangling your precious camera right above the surface of the water, you can get some great shots.

Gondolier and photographer Simon Atkins was willing to lean over the water and risk baptizing his Canon, the results were great and they really show off the lines of a gondola.

Oh, and as an added bonus, the gentleman proposed...and the lady said "yes".

I love my job.


staff said...

Hey you look great on the "poppa" of your gondola. Happy Easter to you all and the blog's readers. Nereo

Gondola Greg said...

Thanks Nereo.
Buona Pasqua.

Gondola Greg said...
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