Wednesday, December 12, 2007

PHOTOS FROM VENICE – The Gondoliers with Brown Shoes

These guys caught my eye and I just had to grab my camera.
Beyond their rather “unique” choice of footwear, this photo appears to tell a story. One guy stands and seems to be talking with confidence while the other sits and looks down, possibly at his shoes.

It’s as if the standing gondolier is scolding the sitting one.
What’s he saying? “I told you NOT to wear the brown shoes! Today was supposed to be MY day to wear brown shoes”.
Or perhaps “I’ve been wearing brown shoes on the job for less than a week and already you’ve gone out and bought some of your own? Geez man, you’ve got to stop copying me!”.
Or maybe he’s actually not talking to the other gondolier. Maybe he’s having a nice conversation with the young lady in the restaurant (you can just see her arms in the photo). Perhaps the seated gondolier is looking down in disbelief as the other gondolier tries to use idiotic pickup lines.
What actually took place that day in September of 2000, the world will never know. Two things are certain: 1. A conversation took place, and 2. The gondoliers were wearing brown shoes.
Look closely at the gondolas and you may notice something. Yes, that’s right, they’re the ones from my December 3rd post.

It seems I'm not the only one who likes this spot.
I was just browsing ebay and found this painting:

The only thing missing is two gondoliers with brown shoes.

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