Monday, December 17, 2007

Boat Parade is over

Well, the 2007 Parade of Lights is officially over.

It was a great parade, full of lots of noise, energy, and well decorated boats. Most of the larger vessels (the ones with lights hangin’ all over the place) are sporting one or two extra generators. As those big yachts pass by, you can hear the portable generators buzzing on the stern.

There are many boats we see every year; many of them we look forward to seeing, Then there are the new ones – each year a few really cool new spectacles cruise across the water with hundreds of lights and lots of pride.

I was out on the water again, in my gondolier’s shoes and a parka from when I lived in Alaska. My passengers had a great view of things, we shouted greetings to other boats, and received even more back.

I cruised alongside with Joey and Danny – some of the other gondoliers in our company. We sang some songs, tossed around a few jokes and wise-cracks, and had a great time.

We had sore feet and messy boats to clean by the end of the evening, but it was a good night and a great parade week.

Now we sleep, and in the morning, make another list – a list of things that will make next year’s parade week even better than this year’s was.

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