Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gondola and Goose

This image was sent to me by Eric and Sean from The Gondola Company in Coronado, California (see The photo was taken in Boston, Massachusetts at an area known as The Esplanade along the shore of the Charles River. The gondola is part of Gondola di Venezia (, which was started by Joe and Camille Gibbons. Joe hired me and the guys from Coronado to help launch the business back in 2001. We went out there at separate times, covering all areas of consulting. The place is beautiful, and rowing a gondola on the Charles River will remain among my favorite memories for a very long time. Thom Price provided the gondolas and they were fantastic - the boat in the photo was built by Thom in Squero Bonaldo; she's one of only three wedding gondolas afloat in North America.

As for the goose, well, I realize that there are people in this country who aren't all that crazy about Canada Geese - I guess all that honking and pooping tends to get on people's nerves. Southern California doesn't have Canada Geese so I've developed an affinity for them.

I love this image. I'm convinced that it's one of those pictures that tells a story but I have yet to figure out what the story is.

Canada Goose goes to Boston and falls in love with Italian gondola? It's an international love story.

Or how about:

Migratory goose flies south the Massachusetts but sees a gondola and thinks he's gone waaaay too far?

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