Thursday, November 21, 2019

Winter Cocoons in Minnesota

photos by John Kerschbaum

Another gondola season has come to a close in Stillwater, Minnesota.

John and his staff at Gondola Romantica hauled out the boats onto trailers and John parked them both on his property. 

After that the unique "Kerschbaum tenting process" began. 
He's got it down to quite a science now. 

First, the A-frame of lumber,

Gotta make sure it will hold as the snow loads up through winter.

then the plastic sheeting, and a whole lot of tethering with ropes.

After all that, John wraps clothesline cord around and around each boat.
This keeps the plastic from ballooning out when the winter winds try to blow open the sheeting - which puts stress on all the anchor points.

It's all about getting those precious gondolas wrapped up tight in their cocoons for winter.  
Bonus points if it’s all done before the first dusting of snow.

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