Friday, February 22, 2019

Gondola Servizios for Sale

photos courtesy Angelino Sandri and Gondola Servizio

After twenty years of successful operation, my friend Angelino is looking to pass the torch of both his Oakland and Napa operations. 
The company is aptly named Gondola Servizio.

This is bittersweet for me, as Angelino taught me how to row, 
both in Newport Beach and up in his location in Oakland.  
He has maintained the most traditional and high quality servizio west of the Atlantic. I wish him the very best, but will miss having him in the business.

Up for purchase: 
Gondola Servizio in Oakland, California 
- with two gondolas and a gorgeous varnished sandolo. 
The operation has a great relationship with the city, 
is a fixture in the community, 
has been running for 20 years with established clientele, 
and currently has a 10 year contract.
The rent includes docks and a large office/store front on the patio of the popular restaurant The Lake Chalet - with excellent walk-up potential (click on the link to see an overhead video of the restaurant and docks).
Use of a hoist and a 60' bay for work/repair/storage of boats are also included.

Asking price for Gondola Servizio in Oakland: $300k

Truth be told, I've always been a bit jealous of the arrangement Angelino has up there.  If I were in a better position, I'd be buying this place myself.

Gondola Servizio in Napa, California 
- with arguably the most beautiful new gondola in the country. 
The contract took 10 years to establish with the city.
A trailer is included in the sale.
Located in the heart of wine country, there's great potential for events with wineries and private parties, and winery cultural events.

Yes, this is the boat I've posted about a few times here, including:
"The New Boat in Oakland"
and "It's All About the Wood"

Asking price for Gondola Servizio Napa: $180k

 Two gondolas on Lake Merritt in Oakland.

 Fully varnished sandolo - ready for passengers.

The view from the back of the Napa gondola 
when she was on Lake Merritt in Oakland.

This is a rare opportunity to buy one or both of these servizios, 
which are in fully-functioning turn key condition.
Serious inquiries can be made to:

Gondola operations. 

Angelino Sandri

April Quinn
For financial info etc.

 Trailer with Napa gondola.

 Beautiful bow in front of The Lake Chalet.

Napa Gondola moored in Oakland.

The dock in Napa.

 The hoist in Oakland.

On the water in the sandolo.

The Napa gondola being finished in Venice.

On the water in Oakland.

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