Sunday, January 27, 2019

Utterly Brilliant!

The other night I was rowing a cruise and noticed that the sky was morphing into an amazing display of color.  

I was rounding the back side of Harbor Island and quickly stepped up my pace in order to bring the sunset sky into view.

As my passengers and I emerged into the main channel, we saw this!

It was the full package.
The complete spectrum of colors, including my favorite detail:
Purple water.

It doesn't often happen, but when everything comes together in just the right amounts, we get purple water.

I slowed my row and gave my passengers as much time as possible with this radiantly colorful view.

Life is filled with unremarkable things that we might remember vaguely, 
but it's punctuated by perfect moments that we remember for the rest of our lives. Many of those moments have some kind of significance.
And then there are the ones like this:
a seemingly unimportant moment like this one, 

that surprises us and sticks with us forever.

Utterly brilliant!

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