Friday, January 25, 2019

The Blue-Light Special

photos by Chris Wilson

One of our gondolas in Texas just came out of the workshop after a full restoration, and the blue LED rail lighting is a hit with both clients and gondoliers.

Here are some shots taken by our expert staff photographer out there, 
with Woody rowing the cruise.

Heading down one of the canals.

 Smiling for the camera.

 The boat takes a turn towards Glatter Falls - one of 
several waterfalls on Lake Carolyn.

 There are several other waterways above the lake 
and they feed these great water features...

 ...which are the perfect place to drop a message-in-a-bottle.

A remarkable illusion occurred when the boat turned right in front of the waterfall, as the blue light creates the appearance of the waterfall continuing.

Light reflecting on water is one of my favorite things.

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