Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Valentine's Day 2.0

 With the exception of Leap Year, Valentine's Day falls 
on a different day each year. 
If it falls on a Saturday, we know it's gonna be huge.  
But weekday V-Days are unpredictable. 
Often we experience a large flow of cruises on the weekend prior to the holiday, but that wasn't really the case this year.  
I believe there were too many people watching the Olympics. 
To our surprise, this year we had a very big Saturday...after the holiday. 
Our calendar on the 17th was booked up and it turned out to almost be a second V-Day for us in Newport.

 Simon began the day with a cruise on Stella,

 heading off into smooth water under sunny conditions.

 Jonah with a happy couple on the Contessa pupparin.

 John from Minnesota enjoying another day in California.

 I had the opportunity to row the Contessa as well.

Mike waves as he departs.

 It's not all about the rowing either.
Kalev shows how important it is to be able to 
take pictures with whatever the passengers hand you.

 Kyle waves under brilliant colored skies.

 Kalev at night.

 Popping that champagne cork.

 Eddie keeping things squared away between departures.

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