Thursday, October 19, 2017

Racing Time is Near!

The US Gondola Nationals is a little over a week away.
Tim at Sunset Gondola has been working diligently to get things lined up.
He recently posted a map showing the routes of the various races.
Click it to enlarge.
Four years ago the waters of Huntington Harbour saw
the West Coast's very first gondola races. 
This year many of the routes are virtually the same.
photo by Richard Sonnen
Gondoliers from the East Coast and the Midwest will join many from
California for solo, tandem, and four-oar events.  Some will be time trials,
while others will be multi-boat head to head regatas.

Countless hours have been spent rowing in preparation for this.
Some gondoliers are preparing for specific races,
while others plan to row every event they can.
All of the gondoliers coming to Nationals this year share one thing:
We all can't wait to see each other,
row together,
and take part in such a terrific thing.

The US Gondola Nationals takes place on October 28th and 29th.
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