Saturday, August 1, 2015

Afterglow in the Afterglow

This evening I had two separate marriage proposals on my boat.
The second one had a fun twist:
Once she said "yes", he said "how about now?"
In short order we were all standing on a beach in the harbor,
and I had my ceremony book with wedding text that the gentleman and I had agreed upon ahead of time.

It was an ambush wedding:
He said "will you?"
she said "yes"
he said "will you - right now?"
I said "Got the ceremony right here"
She said "heck yeah!"
And there were relatives waiting on the beach.

Afterwards, we cruised through the harbor, loving the beautiful twilight sky.
There was a beautiful post-sunset afterglow,
but it didn't compare to the afterglow coming from my passengers.
The above photo was taken while approaching the Newport Boulevard bridge,
with another gondolier and his boat beneath the bridge.

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