Saturday, July 12, 2014

Snappy Sandolo Sighting

Before I photographed the red gondola last night,
I stopped off at the Naples canals, where the guys from
Gondola Getaway row most of their cruises.
Turning on Ravenna Drive, I crossed over the canal and spotted a beautiful sandolo heading towards the bridge.
I parked, grabbed my camera, and was there in time to catch the prow emerging from beneath the bridge.
They have a few of these classic passenger sandoli in Alamitos Bay.
John Kerschbaum and I got a chance to row one tandem last October and it was a fun time - especially with Andrew McHardy and Peter Dever aboard.

The sandolista rowed the craft deftly, moving her steadily
towards where the sun would soon touch down.

There are about three dozen Venice-built gondolas in North America,
but only a handful of sandoli. Each and every one seems to be in good hands, with appreciative passengers enjoying their experiences aboard.

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