Thursday, February 21, 2008

Newport from the air

I took this out the window of a screaming 737 as we took off from John Wayne Airport (yes, we really do have an airport here named after The Duke). I recently added a 70-300mm lens so I could really "reach out" for those gondola shots that are way out in the lagoon. With image stabilization, I was able to grab these images a few weeks ago. Before you start thinking all sorts of positive things about my photography skills, be aware that these are the best two of the many shots I took.

In the above image you can plainly see the Newport Boulevard bridge - the gateway to a canal neighborhood which I often refer to as "my favorite square mile in the world". It was in these canals that I proposed to my wife almost 15 years ago, and I've taken almost every single cruise of my career around Newport Island (the island which the canals surround).

The photo below shows one of the canals on the far right, and the unmistakable beach of north Newport with its many jetties. The pier at the bottom is the Newport Pier.

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