Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Images of the day - Just me and Giuseppe out tonight

Things definitely quiet down after Valentine's Day is past and we get beyond the weekend that follows it. Tonight was very peaceful and things were as they are expected to be at this time of year; cool, a bit breezy, and quite uncrowded.

While working with photographer Cindy Meadors, I learned about someting called "the golden hour" - a time when the lighting is perfect for dramatic photos. These days I bring my camera with me on every cruise, and it's a nice coincidence that I find myself out during "the golden hour" so often. Couples always want the sunset.

This dramatic shot, brought to you by "the golden hour".

While cruising, we ran into "Lefty" the duck. He's got a broken left wing, so he's easy to pick out and is always bold about approaching the gondola.

"Lefty" the duck.

Just as I returned to the dock, Joe Munday took off with his passengers, destined to enjoy an amazing sunset.
Joe pilots the Crystal Swan through the marina...

...and out into the placid waters of Newport Harbor.

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