Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guys, don't just settle for a "decent proposal"

Several years ago I was asked to write an article for a local magazine.

While I can't divulge the name of the magazine, I do have rights to the text.

As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and V-Day is arguably one of the most popular times for proposals, I though it appropriate to post this now.

Guys, don't just settle for a "decent proposal"

your gondolier takes proposals beyond "dinner and a movie"

Let's face it guys, when the ladies are talking and you're not around, all bets are off. They're going to talk, compare, and eventually evaluate you in the areas that are most important to them and at the top of the list is romance. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you don't always want to be as romantic as she does - maybe you can't stand romance, but chances are you'll find yourself falling for someone who requires it. Chances are you'll put a ring on her finger some day. Chances are she'll tell every one of the ladies she knows how you went about giving her that ring. Give her something exceptional to tell them, here are some ideas:

1. propose to her in a hot air balloon - there's nothing like a captive audience. Some of the locations include Wine country,

2. prime her with a day of pampering at a salon, then provide that black dress and pick her up for an evening out in a limousine

3. tell her to meet you in a park and surprise her by showing up on horseback - suit of shining armor is optional

4. arrange to have your proposal displayed on the big screen at a sporting event - now that's a big audience

5. rent a video to watch with her but make the video one of you proposing to her

6. skywriting is great but make sure you're in a place where it has maximum effect, like a surprise gourmet picnic with all of her favorite items. The nice thing about skywriting is that you can tell others to expect it, they can see it, and yet they don't have to be there with you to witness your proposal

7. pop the question on board a venetian gondola in Newport Beach - gondolas are considered by some to be "the ultimate symbol of romance

no matter what:

DON'T hide the ring in food - chipped teeth do not add to the experience

DO get down on one knee

If she's under 30 DO ask her father

It sounds funny but DO tie a string to the ring if you choose to propose on a hot air balloon, in a boat, on a cliff, bridge, ferris wheel or the Empire State Building - that little item which you may have taken a second mortgage out for can be very slippery when so many nervous hands are involved.

And when it comes time to pop the proverbial question don't just say "Hey ya wanna get married?". Look her in the eyes, take at least one of her hands in yours, present the ring, address her with her full name and follow up with "will you marry me?" as you gently slip the ring on her finger. This is the stuff that her dreams have been made of. If she's speechless it may scare the daylights out of you but chances are you'll get a tearful "Yesss!" and find out later that you blew her away. She's heard the stories from her friends and all the while hoped that some day it would happen to her. There are some things you only get one chance at - this is one of them.

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