Friday, October 11, 2019

Hard Time Sleeping

Two weeks from now I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping.
Not that I won't be tired - I'm sure I'll be in dire need of sleep by then.

But after months of planning and preparation, 
two weeks from now I'll be fired up for what begins the next day:
Saturday, October 26th-27th

The US Gondola Nationals in Newport Beach.

I'll have friends sleeping in spare bedrooms, 
on couches and even floors.
The boats will have all been moved to the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club.
Lists will have been made, food will have been bought, 
coffee - ready to brew, 
and there will be a huge bunch of bananas ready for hungry gondoliers.

It's right around the corner, my friends.
And I am SO excited.

This year we've managed to include the slalom event 
(in both solo and tandem categories), 
and there's a whole new race being conducted on three matching gondolas that were built right here in the US.

Descriptions of all the races as well as schedules for both days can all be found on the website

Two weeks from now I'll have a hard time sleeping,
but the next day it will all be worth it as we take to the water on those magnificent crescent-shaped black boats we all love.

Fall is my favorite time of year, 
and it's ALL about Nationals.

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