Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Last Days of Summer

Ahh, summer.
It was a welcome season, where our phones rang, our boats moved, 

and we worked hard to dig ourselves out of the hole that winter and spring left us in - with all their rain and win.

On the water today I looked at my watch and realized that we only had about six hours left of summer.
Summer was good to us, and we're sorry to see it leave.
Here's hoping that fall will be filled with good gondola weather as well.

This summer our ranks were joined by not one, 
but two lady gondoliers - the first female rowing gondoliers ever in Newport.

I mentioned Joelle in my previous post ("A First in Newport")

Last night I passed Jessica while I was out on a cruise.
She's our second lady gondolier.  Her brother Lucas has been with us for a while, and she's rowing like a pro.

 Jessica and her happy passengers.

This summer we also got better acquainted with our new location
(and all the tides and winds that come with it).

We got to know some of the neighbors along our new cruise routes.
It didn't take long to figure out where to be along our route - to catch a great sunset.

 My favorite sunsets are the ones with purple or violet hues.
This was my view on Saturday night.

And of course we've also figured out the best ways to take advantage of the acoustics of the PCH bridge while singing on the back of the gondola.
Evan K. delivers a great aria under PCH.

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