Monday, August 6, 2018

From Floatplane to Gondola

photos by Trish Synco, video and editing by Chance Busey

In what may just be a first,
recently someone stepped off a floatplane and into a Venetian gondola.

It happened yesterday, August 5th, 2018, in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Seattle residents Oliver and Olivia flew 
in on a Kenmore Air single-prop floatplane from South Lake Union.

Oliver had arranged for John Synco and his gondola 
to meet them on the water once they arrived in Gig Harbor.  

They stepped from the float, to the boat, 
and their gondolier rowed them to the iconic lighthouse 
at the entrance to the harbor. 

As it turns out, Olivia's father - Steve Sparks - was the architect 
who designed that lighthouse, so while floatplane to gondola might have seemed out of the ordinary, visiting the lighthouse made sense.

And then Oliver revealed his true reason for such a trip:
a marriage proposal, right there at the base of the lighthouse.
Watch the video - it's a wonderful moment, captured so well with a drone.

After she said "yes", they climbed back into Gig Harbor's favorite gondola 
and enjoyed a celebratory cruise with champagne.
Then they were delivered to Tides Tavern.

Where they went from there is anyone's guess,
but I hope it's a continued "happily-ever-after".

Congrats to Oliver and Olivia, 
and to Gig Harbor Gondola and Kenmore Air 
for what may be the first-ever transfer of it's kind.

The gondola approaches the floatplane.

Point of actual contact.

Happy couple on board. At this point she has no idea what's in store.

And here's the video:

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