Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Visit to Coronado

Eddie and Jessica took some time away from their normal digs, 
and headed south to San Diego.
While there, they dropped in on Sean and his servizio in Coronado.
Eddie sent me these great photos, 
but I'm pretty sure Jessica should get the photo credit here.

 I'm seriously considering stealing this sign.

 Rowing off-duty means you can wear whatever you want.
But you've still gotta smile and wave.

 Awesome 3-D portela.

 Profile of the gondola.

 She's got the whole boat to herself.

There is just nothing like the curvaceous shape of a Venice-built gondola.

 The portela of an American-built gondola.

A red and white striped remo dips into the smooth waters of Coronado.

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