Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Separate Ceremony

 photos by Ella Mahoney and Micheal Olsen

What do you do when you have two teams who won medals in an event, 
and there aren't medals available at the ceremony?
You plan another ceremony, of course.

This year the two teams from Newport Beach 
took gold and silver in the 4-man distance event.

Tonight we gathered at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant overlooking Newport Harbor, had great food and refreshments, enjoyed some conversation, 
and then had an official medal ceremony for those who had gone so long without the hardware to show for all their training and racing efforts.

Special thanks to Eddie Rivera for coordinating this gathering.
Each guy showed up in his best Emilio Ceccato stripes.

First, of course, the customary social portion of our event
(that's when guys in striped shirts try to out-do each other 

with stories and exaggerations).

 Hunter talks about surfing, or maybe playing the harp.

 Eddie tells about his recent lifesaving adventure
(yes, I know that it looks like he's talking about how "the fish was this big")

 Paul humors me as I exaggerate something inane.

 The women tolerate us with beauty and grace.

Next, my team stepped up to receive our medals.

 Silver medalists from left to right:
Kalev Pallares, Simon Atkins, Hunter Mitchell, Greg Mohr.

 Ella and Elisa presenting the medals.

 Awarded and happy.

The winners this year were four guys who'd spent a lot of time 
training and working hard in order to achieve a gold medal time.
They rowed like a well-oiled machine,
won the gold,
and earned everyone's respect.

At the last minute, Matt Raus was unable to make it, 
but his three team mates were there.

 Gold medalists from left to right:
Michael Angelo Ruffino, Eddie Rivera, Parker Harrison.

 Ella draping the first medal.

 The second and third...

 And a hug for good measure.

 With medals and smiles, all involved went home happy.

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