Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Alza Remi

The standard salute from a rowed boat in the Veneto is to raise the oars.
They do it at the end of races in Regata Storica.
Parade and procession boats do it too, as they pass the judging stand.

For several years we've raised our remi at the end of a race 
or time trial at the US Gondola Nationals and other events.

My four-man team knows the drill.
But this year, it appears, that we got a little creative - as is evidenced 
by the photo above.

One handed? Yeah - that's cool.
One handed while flexing your other bicep - that's even better.
But "Look Ma', no hands" while it's balancing on the chin?
I only have three words:
    "For   the   win!"

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