Thursday, June 29, 2017

Twenty-Two Degrees from Above

A while back I posted a head-on shot of this same gondola
and called it "Twenty-Two Degrees to Port".

Since I rarely come upon an angle of the gondola that I haven't seen a thousand times, that photo really captured my attention.

As I went through the other images from that day, I discovered this shot.
The boat is still leaning to port at twenty-two degrees,
but this view is from a somewhat higher vantage point.

Like a fine wine, or a mysterious woman - you can spend years, decades, even a lifetime obsessing over her - looking at this remarkable boat.
She is beauty, she is grace, and she has captured the heart of nearly every man who has ever rowed her. 
And yet she has issues, baggage, and imperfection in the form of asymmetry.

Is she perfect?
Can you stop thinking about her?
Didn't think so.

I'm convinced that for as long as man inhabits this earth,
he will never build another boat that matches our beloved gondola.
She is the genuine article, and all of her contemporaries will be measured against her - never to measure up.

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