Friday, June 23, 2017

High Tide in Ventura

photo by Mark Schooling

The moon swings around us wildly,
orbiting our sphere in a predictable but incongruent pattern.
Sometimes it's closer and sometimes it's farther from our surface.

depending on that distance, our tides react accordingly,
because as crazy as it seems - that cold stone satellite of ours has a field of gravity of it's own, which brings it's magnetism to bear on our oceans.

Lately we've seen some noticeable high tides here in California.
Mark at Gondola Paradiso sent me this cool shot, taken last night at around 8:30pm in Oxnard (a city in Ventura County).

Normally Mark can stand and row with confidence under this bridge, but last night, the moon and it's gravitational influence had some additional input.

Mark may have had to duck, but it made for a really striking image.

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