Monday, May 1, 2017

Carmen Makes Her Entrance

Maestro Luigino Marcuzzi has done it again.
He launched yet another remarkable handcrafted boat.
photo by Moitza Nicolini
"Boat builder" - yes.
"Maestro d'ascia" - certainly.
But really, as Nereo Zane puts it:
          "The man is an artist"
...and this batela should serve as a clear example of that.
If she looks familiar, perhaps you remember seeing her
in my March 8th post "Matte Black Batela".
I've never known Maestro Marcuzzi to be loud and boisterous,
but then, with all of his creations out there attesting to his great ability
he doesn't really need to brag. 
photo by Moitza Nicolini

The GSVVM rowing club is quite proud to have this artist among their ranks.
The new batela was named "Carmen" in memory of a club member
who passed away two years ago. 
No doubt her family and friends are pleased to have such a boat
carrying her name across the waters of the lagoon.

photo by Moitza Nicolini
I haven't seen her in-person yet, but from the photos,
it seems that Mr. Marcuzzi dialed up the awesomeness
with the decking at the stern of the vessel.
Here's a close-up:
Congratulations to Maestro Marcuzzi
and the GSVVM on the launch of this elegant vessel.
 photo by Daniela Costantini

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