Monday, February 27, 2017

Rainy Day Remo Sanding

Unexpected rain on painting day?
No problem.
There's always other stuff to do - like sanding.
Lots and lots of sanding.

Kalev and I had a stack of floorboards that we'd planned on painting today,
but with all that liquid sunshine coming down, 
I pointed to a pile of old oars and said "that's our new project for the day."

So with a playlist ranging from Patsy Cline to Pavarotti, with detours through Led Zeppelin and the B-52's, we threw a dozen remi on the bench.

After choosing four oars to work on, it was time to kick up some dust
(and crank up the music, of course).

Wet outside, dry inside.
photo by Kalev Pallares

Power-sanding, hand-sanding. flipping and checking.
Acetone wiping, and one last touch-up sanding.

Later I brushed on a base coat of varnish - with many more to come.

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