Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Point of View" in San Francisco

photo by Marybeth Temples

Following up on the Angel Island post, Scott Davies in San Francisco sent me this photo today along with the following text:

As I was out rowing the other afternoon, I had a conversation with a woman from the neighborhood who was walking along the seawall. 

She had taken a very nice picture of the gondola about two weeks prior and wanted to send it to me.
So while my friends were taking the picture from your post of Angel Island (March 2),
at the same time,  she had her own beautiful point of view.
That is Angel Island on the left, Mt. Tamalpais to the right of that with the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge between the two.
So when people look at me kind of funny when I tell them that I am a gondolier, I can't help but think who would not want to be a gondolier.
I guess it is your point of view.
Indeed it is, and as gondoliers, we sure do have a great point of view.

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